On all those days…

“My daddy strongest!!!” Tagline of a cooking oil advertisement that used to be one of my favourite advertisements back in the 90’s… I would run from any corner of the house to the tv so as to not miss it… not to mention if papa happened to be around at that time too, he would get a very high decibel version of the tagline along with a few extra squeezes from me as a bonus…

Can’t believe a lifetime has gone by since I last yelled and shrieked that line… and if there’s one thing that I’ve learnt in all of my 27 years, it is to never trust anyone who says “I can’t live without you”… as figurative as it is, it still is a very strong commitment to make… losing papa has been the worst thing to have ever happened to me and not getting to talk to him the one last time, my biggest regret..

Who knew that the three women whose world revolved around him could actually live without him! But they sure did and how.. we may not say it everyday but…

On all those days when i didn’t think of u, I’ve missed you

On all those days when mom couldn’t sleep coz I came home late, I’ve missed you

On all those days when I watched mom fix the bulb and cook the meals, I’ve missed you

On all those days when Di feared leaving mom and me alone in the country, I’ve missed you

On all those days when I had to choose a career away from mom, I’ve missed you

On all those days when life happened, I’ve missed you


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20 Responses to On all those days…

  1. akansha says:

    Beautiful indeed😘😘

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  2. Jugaaduwriter says:

    Wow. Good expression.

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  3. Anju says:

    Beta I’m proud of you. I don’t have words what to say. Our blessings are always with you. God bless you dear.

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  4. full of emotions….may be you wanted to continue longer….but then whatever comes at once….is the best…..

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  5. Stunning and I love the quote you included. Touches the core.

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  6. Dave says:

    Beautiful blog post! I felt a tear in my eye though πŸ™‚

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  7. SuperDuque says:

    YOU DONT VOTE US……………………..
    WE DONT FOLLOW YOU……………………………


  8. More strength to you . He is watching you all smiling from above .


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