Thursday photo prompt: Beginnings #writephoto

Lying in her bed, listening through her sobbing breaths, she heard the birds chirp and her wind chime clink. “No, it can’t be yet another day” she thought to her anxious self.

New beginnings of any sort made her heart wary. Twitching in her bed, she tried to think of a reason to get up and get on with her day (or life maybe)! Somehow she couldn’t bring herself to a point where she can rise above the darkness and see the tinge of hues that life has sprinkled all around.

“Come on, you can do it” she pushed herself like a ninja and was out of the bed about to get started.

“Now that you’re done sulking and lazing, better get some work done as some of us have an actual life to live rather than hide under the blanket all day!!”, said her exhausted but unaware mother while running errands in the house.

The words as innocuous as they may sound, ran chills down her spine and sent her in a free fall of sorts.

“Back to square one”, she said and sank back in her bed.

In light of the recent suicide events that have been making the rounds (Anthony Bourdain and Kate Spade), I thought we could all take a moment, look around and maybe soothe an aching soul… We come across so many people in our lives and unknowingly either mock at their plight or worse even – Ignore It. When people like Anthony and Kate and innumerable more decide to do what they did, it raises an alarm. A very loud alarm.

I have had a chance of watching a few episodes of Parts Unknown (Anthony) and what pure magic they were. Witnessing a man like him give up at an age when we thought he would’ve figured out how to live with his depression is more than just heart-breaking. Let there be no more lives that are lost because there is no hope. Let there be more beginnings to moments where end seems to be the only way out.

Thanks Sue for the inspiring photo prompt… helped me get out of my “writer’s block”!


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15 Responses to Thursday photo prompt: Beginnings #writephoto

  1. Topical and powerful.

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  2. Anisha! Gentle and sensitive – your handling of the topic !

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  4. willowdot21 says:

    If only depression could be wiped away with a wish and good intentions. Sadly depression always was, is and will be. That said yes we must be more careful more thoughtful and more helpful. We all need to look out for eachother.πŸ’œ

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  5. Nice thoughts well expressed

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  7. Dave says:

    Fantastic blog post Anisha! Very well expressed, and I am glad you are writing about issues related to mental health πŸ™‚

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