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Papa… If only,  I had a chance, To go back in time & sneak a glance; At that smile so bright, And hold you tight… If only, You would tie my laces, While I make giggly faces… If only, I … Continue reading

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The lost promise!

They’d been happily married for close to a decade now. In a perfectly settled house, marriage and career, the only thing missing was a baby.. someone to care for, to call their own. It’s not that they hadn’t tried, but … Continue reading

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(Un)heard Stories!

As kids, playing around her was their favorite thing to do.. after all, she told them stories when they ran her tiny errands.. every evening they would walk out murmuring and laughing over how forgetful she was and that they … Continue reading

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Lovingly Yours!

It was a particularly chilly winter evening… the cool breeze and tinkling wind chimes made her shiver, more out of the thoughts in her head rather than the weather… Taking her cup of hot coffee she was about to grab … Continue reading

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