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Thursday photo prompt: Beginnings #writephoto

Lying in her bed, listening through her sobbing breaths, she heard the birds chirp and her wind chime clink. “No, it can’t be yet another day” she thought to her anxious self. New beginnings of any sort made her heart … Continue reading

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Hakuna Matata

Hakuna matata… hakuna matata….! So this is the song that I’ve been humming for the past few weeks now. Last year December, I went to South Africa for two weeks…. yassss… and there goes a bigggg tick on my bucket … Continue reading

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Turning one….

Hola!! I won’t blame you if you scroll past this feed or take a second (okay more than a second) to recall who wrote this post…my bad…! So a few days ago my blog turned ONE and I turned twenty-eight….Whoaaaa … Continue reading

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Are we done yet??!

It’s still 3 months until the year 2017 ends and I am already EXHAUSTED! For starters, the year did not even remotely go the way I had it panned in my mind. The puppy is nowhere in sight, TRAVELLING?!! What’s … Continue reading

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How about some dinner??!

“Let’s please try it today”, said the seven year old, watching his brother hungrily nibble the last thread of the torn sack. “I don’t think they will let us enter… and where did you even hear about this”, asked the … Continue reading

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Papa… If only,  I had a chance, To go back in time & sneak a glance; At that smile so bright, And hold you tight… If only, You would tie my laces, While I make giggly faces… If only, I … Continue reading

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The lost promise!

They’d been happily married for close to a decade now. In a perfectly settled house, marriage and career, the only thing missing was a baby.. someone to care for, to call their own. It’s not that they hadn’t tried, but … Continue reading

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