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Coming back to life…

A lot has been going on lately… and I failed miserably at my “one post a day” target… I succumbed to monotony…! Got bogged down by health issues and despite they not being that grave, I overstated them in my … Continue reading

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Shades of red

She is pretty if she has it on her forehead, She is slutty if she has it on her lips, She is deserving of respect if she has it on the parting of her hair, She is careless if it peeps … Continue reading

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Lovingly Yours!

It was a particularly chilly winter evening… the cool breeze and tinkling wind chimes made her shiver, more out of the thoughts in her head rather than the weather… Taking her cup of hot coffee she was about to grab … Continue reading

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Thursday Photo Prompt – Lantern

It was one of those exquisitely smelling nights right after the first shower of monsoon… the night was beautiful until she entered this deserted quiet street, lit by nothing but this distant lantern… She was alone, her hands tightly clenching … Continue reading

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Fun Q&A inspired by Teleportingweena

So while I’m on my reading spree, I came across a very interesting blog by Teleportingweena and felt like answering a few myself… have a look and hope you enjoy it: Do you take the shampoos and conditioner bottles from … Continue reading

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Back without a bang! – 30 day writing challenge – Day 1

Okay…so i realize that i somehow managed to force myself to create an account with word press, but could not go any further than that for over a year….so like most of the people i know, i have also made … Continue reading

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