A happy encounter!

“Hey there….how have you been? It’s been a long time since we last met… hope you remember me!” said a voice from somewhere… she somehow couldn’t locate it…wherever she went, she could hear that voice… it was almost as if she was being driven around imperceptibly by it.. “do you remember this ice-cream stall?”, the voice whispered in her ears as she crossed the lane she once visited almost everyday… “hey look there”, she involuntarily turned around while waiting in traffic for the light to turn green..Β and saw a girl running in the rain, barefoot… While entering the gate, she saw her yet again, standing in the balcony, staring at the moon! She finally recognized her…

“Wow…that was slow” mocked the voice…”How could you forgetΒ me?!…I am you…just few years younger thoughΒ and a little more carefree, a little more reckless…I smiled easily, forgave quickly… I remember all your dreams and desires…so good to see you live them now..but how come you left me behind… I paved the way for where you are now… I wish you carried me along a few more miles with you…” the voice murmured…

She smiled and looked away… She always met her when she visited this place… her hometown…!

“Where I was born,

Where I was raised,

Where I keep all my yesterdays!”


I think we all have this one place in this world, which takes us back in time and reconnects us with our older (read younger) selves… It’s such a happy encounter…

This is in response to the daily post “Desire“…



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25 Responses to A happy encounter!

  1. shruti502 says:

    Loved the take on the prompt.I can certainly relate to that place where I grew up.It is always a little heart wrenching and a lot nostalgic to go there.It is as if you are hit by a massive boulder of memories and moments you once spent there.The quote is so true indeed.Thank you so much for writing it,I felt the same emotions I encounter whenever I visit that place, written out in beautiful words.

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    • Anisha says:

      Thanks a lot Shruti and yes I’m sure it must be as overwhelming for you… after all there’s a reason it’s called home πŸ™‚ and it’s good to have one such place… kind of keeps us rooted… πŸ™‚

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  2. Sangbad says:

    such a beautiful and interesting post…liked it…

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  3. Love the line ….Where I keep all my yesterdays!”

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  4. Anaida says:

    Very pleasant writing.

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  5. vinneve says:

    I like it. It is similar experience with mine. I also miss my hometown. Hope you can check my post today to understand thanks.

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  6. Akhila says:

    so true Anisha.. home town always flood us with lot many memories.. nostalgic moments.. it’s always a soothing feel to spend time there

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  7. Prajakta says:

    There is no place like hometown – every lane, every bump on the road (or the missing ones that have been fixed) have a memory attached πŸ™‚ Lovely!

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  8. Very well written πŸ™‚ I often take such trips to the past, when I visit places where I grew up. I have nominated you for the Cramm award. If you are interested, please go through my latest post. Keep writing! πŸ™‚

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  9. very nice way to put up…true…just visiting the place….the benchmarks….one goes back to the past….dreaming of the earlier life….really what a thing…this life…age….time is….

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