Just Breathe…

So lately a lot has been going on… seems like I’ve been running a race and have lost my way… I bit more than I could chew and ended up gulping it all down my throat without having relished any flavor…

Weekdays were insane and weekends… wait…what’s that again?! So yeah basically days have been a blur… I was either trying to please everyone around me or fighting with them while trying to please myself.. neither of it helped… I know that a lot of people have the exact same problem… I mean my six year old niece complained that her life is too hectic.. This just shows that we are all running…

So I finally decided to do something drastic… I decided to STOP.. yes…I stopped in the middle of a race that does not allow its participants to stop…I stopped just for a while…to do nothing…to just breathe… to just look around and actually enjoy whatever it is that I am working so hard for.. disconnected myself for a while and got away from the mayhem called life.. sat back with a mug of coffee and relished that… I never knew that getting away and just having coffee could be such a task. And while my tiny break did not bring anything crashing down, it surely energized me to kick start the race again..I might have lost my spot, but I regained my momentum..

So for all you out there, running into a meeting or rushing to pick up the baby from her art class, PAUSE.. look outside the window and watch that sunset in the crimson sky, and just Breathe…

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This is in response to the daily prompt “Blur



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58 Responses to Just Breathe…

  1. Ritu says:

    A good bit of advice there Anisha. we all need to stop once in a while, and let life go by…


  2. Sudalai says:

    A beautiful advice considering today’s hectic lifestyle.👍🙂

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  3. Awesome & well skill in writing seems with this post ! I read somewhere, ” A person with pure soul and clarity of thoughts is only able to achieve that satisfaction which you said just breathe” ! Thanks for sharing & keep sharing such awesome post !

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  4. Well written! Like you’ve said, life might be race but it’s not a 100m race where you cannot afford to stop. Sometimes it’s so important to press that Pause button and just breathe….Thanls for sharing.

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  5. Sreesha Diva says:

    Something we often forget, given how used we are to running!

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  6. Good advice Anisha. I believe life is running a marathon race. You can’t sprint it. Run at your own steady pace. Enjoy the surroundings and complete the race. It is impossible to please everyone enroute.

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  7. extinct0703 says:

    Very well penned Anisha!

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  8. Miriam says:

    Yes, it’s important to hot that pause button every once in a while. Catch our breath. Great post Anisha.

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  9. sudhirjugran says:

    इस भागदौड़ भरे जीवन में हम सभी भौतिक रूप से तो संपन्न है, पर हम अपने आप ही खो बैठे है। आधुनिकता हमें वहां ले आई है, जहाँ अपने आप के लिए भी समय निकल पाना एक बड़ा काम लगता है। उत्तरजीविता के लिए संगर्ष उतना ही करें जितना आवश्यक है। अपने लिए और अपनों के लिए समय निकले। ताकि आत्मसन्तुष्टी की वायु आप में ऊर्जा भर सके। just breathe..बहुत सुंदर रचना अनिशा जी

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  10. Anaida says:

    Thank you, thank you so much for writing about STOPPING.

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  11. Dahlia says:

    Been there done that! Put a full stop and now back to running again – I guess there’s no rest for the wicked 😉 😀

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  12. closetwriter says:

    Awesome piece of advice Anisha!

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  13. shruti502 says:

    Yeah,the importance of pausing for some time and regaining the control for yourself cannot be emphasized enough.Glad you are back,wish you a fantastic week ahead!

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  14. Divyang Shah says:

    Worse reality but it’s true…

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  15. Eartha says:

    This is refreshing, Anisha. Thanks for the inspiration. It’s nice to learn ways to unwind.
    Just this morning I was reading an article about a musician who’s decided to do a “digital detox.” She designated one day a week where she puts her phone away for 24 hours. This has been a life changer for her – learning to connect in different ways and just breathe. 🙂

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  16. Marc and Ann says:

    I felt myself take a deep breath just reading your pleasant words. Your right. We live in a day and age where resting is seen as lazy and quiet away from our phone as irresponsible. Let’s go against the current!

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  17. inelleganayo says:

    I enjoyed reading this! As the famous saying goes, “rest if you must but do not quit”. Yes, we really have to pause for a while sometimes.

    Have a beautiful day, Anisha! 🙂

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  19. rothpoetry says:

    Good advice! If we don’t listen to our bodies, our bodies will make us stop and listen!!

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  20. Love it, Anisha! I had to do the same thing. I was running so much, I was spinning my wheels. I had to slow down. The Lord allowed me to crash. I have since learned to breathe. I actually started meditating and it does wonders. Just saying what works for me. I am beginning the race again because I start a new job soon. However, with what I have learned during the “blurring” process, I will run a different race. You can be sure. Thanks for sharing. Life is for living; not running so much you forget how to breathe and enjoy the blessings He gives us. Great reminders for us all and hopefully others will be encouraged before the crash. Thanks.

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  21. Chaotic Soul says:

    Very well said… We all need to BREATHE

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  22. You write beautiful! Like all the posts! The words, the rhythm, the message,everything. 🙂

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