Conventional Wisdom

I saw this week’s weekly discover prompt on the daily post about Conventional Wisdom..

It got me thinking and I was amazed that there were so many cliches that I have heard during the course of my life and I didn’t agree with some of them one bit.. like not even a teeny weeny bit..

I’ll list a few before I pounce on any one of them with all my might..

1. Oh you’re the feminist types, so you wouldn’t want a guy to hold the door for you or pull out the chair for you right?! – aaarrghhh!!! I have sworn that one more time I hear this, I’ll destroy the world! How can people not differentiate between being chivalrous and being sexist..  holding the door for someone doesn’t give you the right to tell them that the neckline of their dress isn’t appropriate…right?

2. You’re so thin why do you want to go to the gym!!! – well so that I can punch you black, blue and pink! Oh wait Pink has to come first since I’m a girl… right?! It’s about time people realise that being slim does not make you fit… it makes you slim. Period

3. She is angry and cranky… she might be PMSing… – Ofcourse this has to be true… apparently girls can’t have an underlying logic to be mad… all they can have is an influx of estrogen to get them angry…

Now before you think the above rant is one of my feminist posts I’ll quickly switch gears and come to the point… on the eve of 26th January, as India celebrates its 68th Republic Day I thought let me break a few cliches that India is the victim of (mind you there are tons of them so I’ll stick to one) such as India is a country of poor people, yogis and snake charmers.. FYI as per Forbes in 2016, India ranked 4th in the list of 25 Countries With The Most Billionaires in the world.. So that is taken care of…Moving on..

“You’re an Indian? you must eat spicy food all the time!”

Yes I am a proud proud Indian and yes I absolutely love spicy food but NO, Indian food isn’t only spicy…it is sweet, tangy, spicy, bitter, bitter-sweet, sour, bland, and a lot more than this..after having spent considerable time, energy and MONEY on food from all around the world I can say this with utmost pride that Indian food has the most intricate and complex flavors of them all…It will ignite those taste buds in your mouth that you didn’t even know existed…Not only does one need a lot of skill to prepare this cuisine but also a lot of time and patience…(not that this does not hold true for any other cuisine, but what the heck…it is Republic Day)

So next time you encounter an Indian meal, don’t you grab that tissue! 🙂

A great introduction to cultures is their cuisine. It not only reflects their evolution, but also their beliefs and traditions.



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6 Responses to Conventional Wisdom

  1. We need to stop Stereotyping things and people. Great post

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  2. Shaggy says:

    Haha stereotyping seems to be folks’ favourite business

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