Aesthetic… the prompt instantly triggered too many thoughts in my mind and I realised that aesthetics are no more just nitty gritties in someone… they’re way more overpowering in the current times..

Everyone is aware and conscious of the importance of aesthetic beauty… not just in people but in almost everything around… for instance for this post of mine to get a reader’s attention it has to be aesthetically pleasant… and this is just a tiny instance for something so large that is at play… in today’s times everyone is concerned about how they are looking, how their partners are looking, how their house is looking… even how the tired nannies of their cranky kids are looking…

Everyone is judging everyone as if the whole planet is some kind of miss universe contest… I walk into the restroom of a mall and all I see is 10 year old girls with channel bags and Zara dresses desperately trying to win this contest which only god knows who’s judging… I was shocked when I looked around those perfectly French manicured kids walking around like models on a runway… and no it didn’t look good… no it didn’t look pleasant or AESTHETIC!

In this race of being a certified beautiful person (read face and body and not mind and soul) we have ruined it for ourselves big time… sometimes I wonder if there are aliens indeed and if they’re watching us from some other planet, we might be looking like a bunch of fools taking our dogs and cats into spa salons and then talking about world peace and poverty on Facebook… I can’t help but feel ashamed of my fellow earth mates!

And in all this please don’t assume that I am against looking good or dressing up… not one bit… I love getting decked up and getting complimented once a while… but what I’m against is basing all my judgement of anything or anyone purely on how they look..

I think it’s about time we all take off that concealer or mascara and put on those dusty thick glasses and boldly come out in the open… to be ourselves… to be who we really are…

Be aesthetic from the inside and the rest will follow!


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6 Responses to Aesthetic 

  1. Beautiful….lovely…alluring…ravishing…exquisite….elegant….very well put up…Totally agree….

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  2. Miriam says:

    Love the quote and it’s so true. Real lasting beauty comes from the inside.

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