Back without a bang! – 30 day writing challenge – Day 1

Okay…so i realize that i somehow managed to force myself to create an account with word press, but could not go any further than that for over a year….so like most of the people i know, i have also made a few not so resolute resolutions in 2017. One of them being writing…

While i was squishing around other blogs, i came up with the challenge and tadaaaa….what better way to start my writing expedition!!! This will in a way serve as a tiny peek inside my ever expanding and chaotic world…

Day 1: 10 things that make me really happy

  1. Sleeping… i am a napper…i love love love taking naps/ sleeping for hours at a stretch
  2. Eating…technically i should not be listing this since i am a so-called “fitness enthusiast”…nonetheless the truth is i live to eat and there is no denying that…spicy food is my happy place…
  3. puppies…ever since i remember i have been wanting to adopt a puppy…specifically a golden Labrador who i will mostly name moussie…so everything about the puppy is decided except actually getting one… anyway so yeah puppies make me really really really happy!
  4. i love reading…this has been constant in my life since school…
  5. Smell of new clothes
  6. Rains…sounds cliche but in all of my 25 years I’m still not over my love for rains!
  7. Sitting in a crowded place and observing people in the crowd…trying to sneak a little in their minds and souls
  8. Swings…all kinds of swings make me happy…have never lived in a house without a swing…from catching a nap to cosying up with my coffee and a book…swings have been my best companions
  9. Dancing…i absolutely love dancing..
  10. Last but definitely not the least…heels…i am a proud owner of one of the most enviable heels/ stilettos/ pumps/ wedges…u name and i have it…

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One Response to Back without a bang! – 30 day writing challenge – Day 1

  1. robertcday says:

    That is one awesome writing challenge! How many items did you get through in the end?
    Kindness – Robert.


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